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    NGC’s Latest 3.8 MW Main Wind Turbine Transmission Makes a Splash at Wind Energy Hamburg 2018

    Published: 2018-09-28


    On September 25, 2018, the world’s largest wind energy exhibition opened in Hamburg, Germany. The expo focused on three areas: energy markets, cost efficiency and smart energy. NGC launched its latest 3.8 MW wind gearbox during the event, attracting great attention and high praise.

    During the launch, NGC COO Mr. Gu Xiaobin said that the global wind gearbox market has developed in recent years towards low wind speed and high power. Anticipating development trends, NGC launched an innovative next-generation 3.8 MW high power wind gearbox with high reliability and efficiency, and low electrical cost. At the same time, intelligent systems ensure the safety and smooth operation of the gearbox over the whole life cycle, improving the overall economic efficiency of wind power generation.

    At the conference of organizers, Dr. Alexander Rhode of NGC Europe delivered a speech on informatization of wind gearbox, and elaborated in detail upon intelligent wind gearbox. The induction hardened gear module demonstrated NGC’s excellent gear processing technology the audience, ensuring product performance as well as competitive pricing. The well-known wind power magazine Windpower Monthly also attended the conference, and said that NGC’s wonderful booth presentation had left a deep impression.

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