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    NGC’s First Dual Input Variable Power Large Internal Mixer Gearbox Passed its First Customer Acceptance Inspection

    Published: 2019-08-12


    Recently, NGC’s GK500E dual input variable power large internal mixer gearbox passed its acceptance inspection at a renowned international tire manufacturer. This gearbox was installed in a 500L mixing chamber on an automated mixing line, and had a rated power input of 2×1500 kW and a rated output torque of 2×237 kN.m. The seamless acceptance testing of the GK500E gearbox highlighted NGC’s technical excellence in the field of mechanical transmission, as well as its successful business philosophy of continuous innovation.

    The New Modular Design Effectively Reduces Maintenance Time and Cost

    The development of NGC’s GK500E gearbox was based on customer’s actual production needs, with an eye on the reality of the domestic rubber industry. The gearbox transmission system, lubrication system, and other important components, all make use of a new modular design, greatly shortening development time and improving compatibility between the various parts. Processing time and cost were also reduced, guaranteeing the reliability of the gearbox, and reducing the time and cost of follow-up maintenance work. This is all conducive to further improving the efficiency and quality of the company’s after-sales service offering.

    Innovative Designs to Ensure High Transmission Efficiency, High Transmission Stability and Good System Stiffness

    The innovative designs built into the GK500E enable the gearbox to have outstanding performances compared with existing mixer gearboxes. The dual input variable power large mixer gearbox has many outstanding features: Firstly, it uses a variable power input structure; while still guaranteeing the same gear strength, the size and weight of transmission parts could be dramatically reduced, leading to significant cost savings. Secondly, the transmission shaft features a new design, which can ensure increased transmission efficiency and a reduction of the bearing load, while reducing the total installation distance required for the gearbox. Finally, the three-layered design of the gearbox body ensures a compact structure, as well as the additional advantages of easy assembly in the early phase and easy maintenance in the later phases. In general, under the same working conditions, the GK500E gearbox can achieve a higher transmission efficiency, higher transmission stability and higher system stiffness.

    After ten years of technological advances, NGC continues to forge ahead in the field of mechanical transmission in the rubber and plastics industry. The successful acceptance and delivery of the gearbox marks a new achievement for the company, and is testament to NGC’s commitment to the progress of human civilization.(Wang Menghu)

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